What I read

  • Vol. 8 of Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha. The end of this excellent story. I thoroughly loved it.
  • Mark Fell’s big collection Structure and Synthesis: The Anatomy of Practice. I admire Fell’s music and sound art work, and I love reading about his own particular process and thinking when it comes to making work, but I was disappointed in his criticism and theorizing.

What I listened to

  • Lots of Converge and Cult of Luna.
  • Lots of XTC, especially English Settlement and The Big Express.
  • The new remastered Abilene boxed set, Endee Burial, sounds brilliant. This music has been very important to me, and it feels unreal to have such a well done re-release for such an obscure band.

What I did

  • I saw autechre perform at Vicar St in Dublin, Sunken Foals opening. Both sets were great, though the room was packed and a bit uncomfortable. They turned out all the lights for autechre’s set, and I spent the entire time catching people who had stumbled into the edge of a platform raised above the floor about 2 inches and invisible.
  • I saw Josh Ritter perform at the NCH. His set was excellent and the audience was so into it.

What I made

  • I wrote a piece of music for two guitars and voice to be performed this December by the UCD Composer’s Ensemble. More on that another time.