What I read

  • Italo Calvino’s The Castle of Crossed Destinies, including within it also “The Tavern of Crossed Destinies”.
  • Vol. 7 of Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha. One more to go. I don’t want it to end.

What I did

  • I traveled to the US to attend a funeral and see some family and friends. It was just one week–not long enough at all for a visit.

What I watched

  • While in the US I got together with a group of my close childhood friends and we watched The Matrix. It had been at least 15 years since the last time I saw it. It is remarkable how cool it is still, and how captivating it is–the performances (Carrie Ann Moss and Laurence Fishburn and Hugo Weaving are incredible!), the design, the action choreography, the script.

What I listened to

  • I’ve been listening to a number of recordings of Morton Feldman’s piano music.
  • The remix of The Replacements’ Tim sounds actually incredible.
  • Lots of XTC.
  • While in Maine, lots of Moss Icon–could be something to do with the weather and the fall colours and fall light there.