Debut album from my trio So Said So. Some of these songs came from earlier solo sets and recordings, where they were played with acoustic guitar and voice. Other songs were written in collaboration with the band, Cory McWilliams (drums) and Dom Grosso (bass).

We rehearsed throughout 2019 and by 2020 had worked out the first six songs recorded here. Then the pandemic happened, and we only got together once or twice (in tense, anxious, highly ventilated practices) until 2021. We reconvened in the spring of 2021 to brush up on our songs and write one more, then we went into the studio with Ron Harrity to record this album in a single day on June 19, 2021. We spent roughly 12 hours recording this. Three songs–“Are You Me?”, “When My Sister Called Me”, and “To Be Anyone”–were multi-tracked entirely live, vocals included. Every other song’s instrumentals were multi-tracked live first, and then vocals were tracked afterwards.

Ron Harrity also mixed and then mastered the recordings. Éireann Lorsung did the album art and the design for the CD and Tape releases. We released this album on Clover Nahabedian’s label Dollhouse Lightning on April 01, 2022.


the cover art for Evil Wants You

Figure 1: “Evil Wants You” cover art


  1. Are You Me?1
  2. Evil Wants You
  3. Deluge2
  4. When My Sister Called Me
  5. To Be Anyone
  6. Bacchus3
  7. YouTube


Dollhouse Lightning
Tape, CD, Digital


Dollhouse Lightning

  1. An earlier practice recording of “Are You Me?” appeared on the compilation Maine and Friends for Maine↩︎

  2. An earlier solo recording of “Deluge” appeared on this record↩︎

  3. An earlier solo recording of “Bacchus” appeared on this record↩︎