A solo record, for voice and acoustic guitar. Recorded August 14-16, 2015, in Orient, Maine. Self-released via my Rough Draft Records “label.”

I did the recording and mixing myself using Audacity. Each song was tracked live, voice and guitar recorded at the same time, with the exception of some vocal doubling on “Winter.” I remember it was a hot and sunny weekend when I made this. I was alone at my camp eating hot dogs, coleslaw, and potato salad. I also put a fresh coat of red paint on the exterior of the camp between recording sessions.

The songs themselves I described like this: “A trilogy of Peircean love songs flanked on either side by songs about family, loss, friends, and death.”

The album cover is a photo I took in the winter of 2014-15 at Great Moose Lake in St. Albans, Maine. You can see a couple of ice shanties out on the ice.


the cover art for Seven Songs

Figure 1: Seven Songs cover art


  1. Nester
  2. Something I Keep
  3. Feeling
  4. Force
  5. Freedom
  6. Winter1
  7. Bacchus2


Rough Draft Records


  1. I first wrote and recorded this song with my old band Pamola on this record↩︎

  2. I re-worked this song with So Said So on this record↩︎