The first album from Red Medicine, the band I started with Dan Smith while we were students at the University of Maine at Farmington.

We recorded this EP in Merrill Hall on the UMF campus one night in May, 2010. All instruments were tracked together live. Vocals were recorded separately by me at my house in Farmington. The album was recorded and mixed in Audacity. Much like with the first Pamola demos, I had no idea what I was doing. That this album sounds better comes down to being recorded with much better equipment–a full complement of entry-level Shure drum mics and a few SM57s. Ed Hamaty, our drummer at the time, painstakingly set up the microphones on his drum kit and dialed in a mix for them that he was happy with before we started recording.

Three of these songs would be played in almost every live set we did. “In the Palantir”, however, never really worked well live. The spoken word recitation in “II. Entering Atlantis” is Dan Smith, reading excerpts from Plato’s Timaeus.

Our friend Thor Tornberg painted the album art.


the cover art for Ancient Cartography

Figure 1: Ancient Cartography cover art


  1. The Seven Names of Gondolin
  2. In the Palantir
  3. I. The Outer Rim
  4. II. Entering Atlantis


CD-R, elaborately packaged and assembled by hand.