Pamola’s second and final “official” release. We recorded this over the summer of 2010. The band (minus Patch’s violin parts) were tracked live in Jonathan’s barn in Pittsfield, Maine. Violin and vocals were recorded by me, Jonathan, and Patch in my bedroom in Farmington one afternoon while finishing off several bottles of wine leftover from my sister’s wedding. The album was recorded and mixed in Audacity, still firmly within my “I have no idea how to do any of this” phase. Mixing was finished in time to take copies of this on our tour in July of 2011 with Butcher Boy and The Waldos.

With the exception of “Two Owls,” all of these songs were initially sketched out by Jonathan. “Two Owls” was very much influenced by the arch structures in Steve Reich’s music and the Bohlen-Pierce scale, which spans a perfect twelfth (a “tritave”) instead of the typical octave. When performing live I would always read an excerpt from Dostoevsky’s “White Nights” before the song. “Fhloston,” of course, borrows its name from Luc Besson’s magnificent The Fifth Element.

The cover photo comes from a show we did at the University of Maine at Farmington. From left to right: Shane, Billy, me, Patch, Jonathan.


the cover art for Moonlanding

Figure 1: Moonlanding cover art


  1. Two Owls1
  2. Three Owls
  3. Elephant Island
  4. Fhloston


Rough Draft Records
CD-R, spraypainted Red or Blue. We tried to give them away on our Northeast Tour in 2011.


  1. This track also appeared on the Hungry Ghost Collective compilation Digital Compilation vol. 1↩︎