In 2013, after my band Red Medicine had ended, Dan Smith and Cory McWilliams moved down to Portland, ME while I relocated to Stony Brook, NY for graduate school. They started a new band with Stefan Hanson (of our absolute favourite band Huak) and Steven Conner called Perfect Hair.

My favourite Perfect Hair song:

When I finished grad school and moved back to Maine, Perfect Hair was my favourite band to see and to play shows with. They put out one immaculate 10 track tape before disbanding and moving on to other things (including, with me, bands like Kefka, Wizard Party, So Said So and even, for a little bit there, $300).

A square poster for the May 11, 2024 concert with Codeine at Sun Tiki Studios in Portland, Maine. Perfect Hair will be supporting.

Figure 1: Poster for the May 11 show with Codeine.

Codeine, a crucial and formative band for all of us, is playing their first show in Maine next month on May 11, 2024, and Perfect Hair is going to be on the bill with them. Steven won’t be re-joining the band, so I’ve joined to play guitar and sing. It’s pretty damn nice when I think about it: I’ve joined one of my favourite bands, with three of my best friends, to play a show with one of my favourite bands.

We’ve set up a website and an instagram for Perfect Hair. We have plans for the future. More another time.

Here’s one of my favourite Codeine songs, in a newly unearthed version that wasn’t available to me when I was 14 and obsessively searching for everything I could about this band: