What I read

  • I devoured Tad Williams’ Stone of Farewell. I remain very much into this 80s doorstopper fantasy series.
  • A.R. Moxon’s newsletter is always a good time. I really loved “They Know Exactly What They’re Doing” this month.

What I watched

  • I watched and thoroughly loved Only Murders in the Building. I have little to no interest in “true crime” and only a passing awareness of the culture of true crime podcasts, but I found this program delightful. Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short are funny, sharp, and smart. The mysteries find the right balance of elaborate and coherent.

What I listened to

  • Lots of Arab on Radar, a band I hadn’t really listened to for at least ten years (after being obsessed in college!). This interview with Stephen Mattos on the Song Sandwich podcast spurred me.
  • The new album from La Tène, Ecorcha​/​Taill​é​e
  • The Silly Sisters, Maddy Prior & June Tabor
  • The new Lankum album, False Lankum

What I did

  • I accepted and then started a job at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS), working in their IT department as a Senior IT Support Administrator.
  • I travelled back to Maine where my partner and I spent two weeks taking all of our belongings out of storage, going through them one by one, and then either packing them up to be shipped over the ocean to Dublin or giving them away. It was exhausting, but kind of fun, and now we are a mere 8-14 weeks away from having all of our stuff (including, especially, our libraries) with us here in Ireland.
  • I thought for a few days that I may have had COVID-19. As of now it is unclear: after finding out I had been with someone who did have it, I had a home-test with a very faint positive line but no symptoms. I self-isolated and tested everyday afterward, but all further tests were negative and I never developed any symptoms.

What I made

  • I began a piece of writing–something small–which will likely be published in April and which will be the first piece of writing I’ve made in several years. Feels weird to write again.