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About me

My name is Matthew Houston. I use the pronouns “he, him, his.” I was born in so called Maine, USA. I grew up around the forests, swamps, mountains, and lakes there. I now live in Baile Átha Cliath, aka Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland.

I compose, work with sound, make field recordings, and music. I play guitar, bass (electric and double), banjo (clawhammer, mostly), and I sing a bit. I use computers and other electronics sometimes. I’m also a fledgling uilleann piper.

I was a lecturer on music theory, ethics, songwriting, philosophy of language, computer and electronic music, and the philosophy of music.

I have particular interests in phenomenology, temporality, and aesthetics.

About this site

The content of this site is written in a single text file using Org Mode, part of the Emacs text editor. ox-hugo then renders the Org Mode text file into separate files formatted with markdown. These files are used by Hugo, a static site generator, to build this website. The content on this site is served by lighttpd on a system running FreeBSD.

Privacy note

When you visit this website, your IP address will be logged by my webserver which is serving up the content of this site (this is normal). I do not check these logs unless there is a problem with the backend of the website. There are no ads or tracking on this website, and no other data about you is collected.

How to contact me

You are welcome to email me: matthewshouston (at) gmail (dot) com

I’m also on Mastodon.